Cloud Phone Service

With a Cloud Phone Service you can really take your work any where with you. Most business owners and employees are always on the run while they are working. Nothing is more important then staying in the loop and staying organized. With a Cloud Phone Service you can be on the road or at home and still be connected to your office. If you are on your computer, laptop or tablet you simply sign into your account online and you are instantly connected. Your smart phone is just as easy, download the app on your smart phone and all you have to do is sign into the app and you will be connected. You can customize your account if you want a simplified Multi Line Phone System and are looking for Cloud Phone Services or you want a more advanced Multi Line Phone System with more features you can be connected with them as well.

Plans & Pricing

Benefits of using a Multi Line Phone System on a Cloud Phone Service

  • There is no hardware required or maintenance. That means no waiting on a technician to come by to install or fix a problem.
  • Instant access when you sign up to your Multi Line Phone System as well as any other features you may have added to your account.
  • Your Cloud Phone services will be updated automatically to make your Multi Line Phone System work better and better.
  • Access your Cloud Phone Service anywhere with any device as long as you have internet connection.
  • A very easy to manage system and user friendly so that you can connect anyone at any time.
  • Download the free app to be connected on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Connect multiple offices to one Multi Line Phone System which means one monthly bill to pay if you have more then one office location.
  • Call management so everyone can be connected all the time no matter where they are with phone and fax capabilities separated by department and extensions.

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